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Finding the Best Canadian Made Winter Jackets for the Entire Family

Finding the Best Canadian Made Winter Jackets for the Entire Family

Canadian Made Winter Jackets – Made for Canada’s Harshest Winters

Canadians understand the value of a good winter jacket. Depending on the region of Canada you live in, winter can last over six months of the year. Staying warm while outside in the harsh elements is imperative to survival, not to mention being able to enjoy any outside activities during of these potentially brutal months of the year. 

Canadian-made winter jackets are made by the people who know winter and everything it can throw at us. The warmest luxury coats for Canadian winters combine both natural and high-tech materials to provide the ultimate in warmth and protection against the worst winter has to offer including snow, sleet, wind and extreme cold. In some areas of Canada, temperatures can dip down to minus 55 degrees Celsius. 

Many Canadians realize that purchasing a great winter jacket is not just a purchase; it is an investment. The best luxury brands offer a range of products that are fully warrantied against any defects in both materials and workmanship. In some cases, products may even offer a limited lifetime warranty to protect the investment and provide peace of mind for the lasting enjoyment of the product. 

Where Warmth Meets Fashion

A well-constructed, high quality jacket will last a very long time and provide enduring protection against the harsh weather. Luxury winter coats use materials that are extremely durable and long lasting, while also being classically fashionable. 

Many people believe you have to sacrifice warmth in order to be stylish, but there are luxury brands available that are able to manufacture products that offer the ultimate in warmth and the classic elegant style. With a full range of styles available for men, women and children, it is possible to find the perfect fit, warmth and style to suit the entire family. 

Conquer Winter with Arctic Bay Winter Jackets

Artic Bay is a luxury winter jacket brand that is dedicated to manufacturing true quality products that only use the best and most durable materials. Artic Bay is proud to offer a full range of jackets and parkas for the entire family that are designed to withstand the rigors of Canadian winters. The company derives inspiration for their products from the special techniques used by generations of Inuit people who have thrived through countless Canadian winters. This includes the use of premium materials that provide the ultimate in warmth and style including Canadian coyote fur, beaver trims and leather accents. 

Artic Bay is proud to offer products that are designed for Canadian winters by a company that is truly Canadian. This means that every jacket and parka is 100% manufactured in Canada (at either the Winnipeg or Toronto factories) and adheres to the highest quality standards.  

In addition to manufacturing the warmest, Canadian-made jackets for winter, Artic Bay is dedicated to providing an excellent shopping experience and customer service. Artic Bay is available through select Authorized Dealers and also offers direct online sales. They stand behind the quality and workmanship of their products as all their products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for lasting peace of mind. 

Discover how Artic Bay can help you conquer winter with a complete range of outstanding Canadian made winter jackets and parkas today.

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